Ghost Cars of East 85th: Dodging Tickets with Disappearing Plates

East 85th between York and First avenues (Google Maps)

A man on the Upper East Side has been dodging parking tickets by removing his license plates and locals say it’s been happening for months, the New York Post reports.


He’s frequently been spotted removing his plates after parking in front of fire hydrants, and while he told the Post it’s only been happening for three weeks, area residents say they’ve seen him abusing the rules of the road since summer, all in an effort to avoid parking tickets and tow trucks.

It’s all been happening on or near East 85th Street between York and First avenues. The culprit is reportedly the super of a building on the block: 424 East 85th Street.

“Ghost cars,” which regular cars transform into after their license plates are removed or defaced (along with cars using fake license plates), can’t actually be towed by police unless they’re marked for removal by the Sanitation Department. According to neighbors, by the time the Sanitation Department actually arrives, the man has moved his car.

When the suspect was confronted by a New York Post reporter earlier this month, he excused his behavior by citing money problems and a recent injury (a broken pinky from a motorcycle accident), further stating that his illegal behavior is nobody’s business and that he can’t afford to pay his tickets.


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