Guy Caught Stealing Underwear from Upper East Side Building

Hold onto your undies, Upper East Siders: a creepy crook has been caught on camera at least twice digging through dryers in an apartment building on East 64th street, emerging with dozens of pairs of women’s underwear.

According to the NY Post (which obtained surveillance footage), the suspect first struck on September 5. The crime went unnoticed until a resident came to pick up her laundry, only to discover her underwear was missing.


“My super at first thought I was crazy, but there are security cameras all over, and we looked through the footage,” the woman told The Post.

The footage showed the suspect, who reportedly doesn’t live in the building, approach and open a still-running dryer, take out the panties and stuff them into a black bag. It also shows him returning some items which were apparently not of interest to him.

Two weeks later on September 20, the underwear bandit struck again. This time, he was less fortunate and was quickly confronted.

Video shows the thief being approached by three men: a resident with his dog and two staff members (one of whom had a hammer). One of the building workers punched him and all three chased him out. The man with the dog also tried to steal the burglar’s backpack but was unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, the very strange man was able to escape and remains unidentified and at large. For now, the building is considering locking its laundry room.


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