“Kill Them All” Sign Posted in UES Apartment Window

“There is no place for hate and explicit threats of violence,” said Council Member Julie Menin in a social media post responding to a sign spotted in the window of an Upper East Side apartment this week.

The sign, handwritten and taped to a second floor window on 78th and Second Avenue, read “flat Gaza NOW!” and “kill them all.”

Residents and local politicians were quick to condemn the display. In her post on X, Menin said she reached out to the 19th Precinct, adding, “…we need to ensure that all communities feel safe.” Assembly members Alex Bores and Rebecca Seawright echoed the sentiment.


“Hate has no place in NY. This is an explicit call for slaughter,” stated Bores in a post on X. “The sign is despicable and horribly incendiary,” Seawright told Patch,

Both local pols said they reached out to the building’s property manager in a request to contact the resident.

The first Muslim City Council member, Brooklyn’s Shahana Hanif, commented on the violent message with a post on X as well. “This hate, and the hate against our Jewish neighbors, has no place in our City. But it’s on all of us to demand it stop.”

On Friday afternoon, Fox News was setting up across the street and the sign still hung but had been altered. The words “kill them all” had been covered by “BRING BACK ALL HOSTAGES” and below that, the words “Hamas=ISIS” were written.


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