Mini Poodle Attacked, Killed at Upper East Side Boarding Facility, Says Dog Owner

Buddy's Dog Den

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The names in this article have been changed to respect the privacy of the family involved. 

Susan and her husband Dave are relatively new to the city, having arrived from Hong Kong with their two children and 7-pound mini poodle, Bella, about a year ago.

Towards the end of July, the family headed for a two week vacation and boarded Bella at Buddy’s Dog Den at 1105 First Avenue (at 61st Street), which claims to be “a true home away from home where your dog can play and bond with others in a safe, supervised environment.”

Several days into their vacation, Susan tells us they “got a call from the kennel saying the dog has been attacked by another dog and died. We are shocked and devastated.”

Bella mini poodle


“I would want more people to be aware of the dangers of leaving their dogs at such group boarding places!!” Susan wrote to East Side Feed in an email. “They promise to keep your pets safe but do not have proper measures in place to keep your pets safe!”

Susan also told us she got different stories from the vet and from the owner of Buddy’s Dog Den.

The vet said it looked like Bella had been attacked by a much larger dog. 

Susan says that Buddy’s owner claimed Bella must have fallen asleep and several “small to medium sized dogs” likely attacked her. 

East Side Feed has contacted Buddy’s Dog Den for comment, both by phone and by email. As of writing, they have not responded.

According to its website, Buddy’s Dog Den was founded by Lynne-Marie Paquette and first opened during 2012 in Brooklyn.

The UES location appears to have opened in July 2021.

According to Evan Miles Goldberg, the family’s attorney, it was distressing for the family to have to go back to collect Bella’s belongings but not Bella.

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding Bella’s death is ongoing. We will provide an update as we learn more.


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