Report Exposes Conservative UES Author for Bashing Neighbors, Diversity, Etc.

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Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Heather Mac Donald, a notorious anti-woke conservative writer and right-wing commentator from the Upper East Side, has been caught directing her ire at the women of her own neighborhood.


In a lengthy investigation into the dismantling of D.E.I. initiatives, The New York Times obtained emails in which Mac Donald railed against the “bizarreness” of women who choose to pursue careers and “outsource” their parenting to “low IQ 3rd world” nannies.

The emails in question were acquired through the Times investigation into a California think tank, The Claremont Group, through public records requests. Mac Donald was not explicitly involved in the actions of the group but did have extensive correspondence with those who were.

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This correspondence reveals the author’s thoughts on how the women of the Upper East Side are contributing to the “curse of feminism,” saying that as she took her “evening power walk in the hood here,” her thoughts were spurred by “seeing all the nannies of color walking school children back to their apartments.”

She goes on to say that women should be raising their own children rather than doing “the drone work of making partner” and handing that “unduplicable unrepeatable experience” over to someone else, calling the arrangement “pareto optimal.” She doesn’t save her vitriol for women alone, also musing on how gay men are “much more prone” to having affairs owing to “testosterone unchecked by female modesty,”  and “…the usual pet black phenomenon,” she wrote in a 2023 email. “We are all just SO grateful if there is a black who does not overtly hate us.”


Outside of these emails, Mac Donald has written extensively on the downfalls of criminal justice reform, immigration, and diversity initiatives. She is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the conservative, corporate-funded think tank, The Manhattan Institute. She is a graduate of Yale and Cambridge Universities as well as Stanford Law School and has written several books on immigration, policing, and diversity, the latest of which, When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives came out last April. Neither Mac Donald nor The Manhattan Institute responded to The New York Times’ request for comments.



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