UES Doctor Discovers Wife is Prostitute, Gets Divorce

  Last modified on January 27th, 2022

Dr. Han Jo Kim, a spinal surgeon at the Hospital For Special Surgery at 541 East 71st Street, recently discovered that his wife – a Miss USA contestant – had for years led a double life as a high-end escort, NY Daily News reported on Sunday.

Kim alleged that his beauty pageant wife, Regina Turner, had earned almost $700,000 in cash from her wealthy clients including a “prominent businessman, a New Jersey-based real estate executive and an award-winning lighting designer.”

According to NY Daily News, the complaint stated that “On many of the occasions that defendant represented that she was out with girlfriends, she was in fact providing sexual services in exchange for money to men,” and that Turner’s trips to China – which she claimed were for business purposes – were also to meet her wealthy clients.

The doctor’s attorneys had originally filed to void the marriage on the grounds that “he was the victim of fraud,” further stating that he never would have married her if he knew what she was doing. NY Daily News reported on Monday that the divorce had been resolved before any court case could take place.


Kim’s discovery began in December 2020, when he claims to have discovered an explicit message on Turner’s phone.

Kim and Turner married in November 2015; Kim alleged Turner’s prostitution work began that same year. The two shared an apartment on East 57th Street worth an estimated $6.5 million, as well as a Long Island home worth at least $2.5 million.

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