Kosha Dillz Raps at The Met for National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day was Wednesday, July 21, and the Upper East Side got a special guest to ring in the occasion with.

Rami Matan Even-Esh, also known as Kosha Dillz, performed a hot-dog themed rap in front of The Met with UES fixture The Hot Dog King, while of course wearing the colors of everyone’s favorite condiments (which he’s also known to rock on non-hot-dog-holidays).

Dillz fired up the crowd before roasting up his main dish.

“When I say ketchup, you say mustard; ketchup, mustard! ketchup, mustard!”

“When I say sauer, you say kraut; sauer, kraut! sauer, kraut!”


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After his performance, he sent his followers an important reminder: “Make sure you dance at least 15 seconds per day as an adult whether it’s national hot dog day 🌭 or not.” Learn more about Kosha Dillz at koshadillzworld.com.
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