Fancy Korean Restaurant to Replace Asian 59

roan nyc

A new Korean restaurant will be replacing Asian 59 (Google Maps)

A husband and wife team are planning to open an upscale Korean restaurant (listed on the CB8 website as “Roan NYC Inc.”) at 207 East 59th Street, between Second and Third avenues.


On Tuesday evening, a legal representative for the restaurant presented their plans to Community Board 8. They are currently seeking a temporary retail permit for liquor, wine, beer and cider.

“My client wants her customers to have a fine dining experience in a Korean restaurant with a [fixed] tasting menu,” said Jasleen Kaur, the attorney representing the restaurant and its owners.

Proposed hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 5 p.m. – 12 a.m.; the restaurant would be closed on Sundays and Mondays. Kaur said there will only be light background music.

The restaurant will be able to accommodate a total of twenty people, with two three-person tables and a 14-seat counter. There will only be indoor dining.

“My client wants to create an ambience where clients will always remember the location, remember the food and what a great time they had. Additionally, I’d like to let you know that this restaurant is ADA compliant and will not be doing deliveries,” Kaur added.

The space was previously occupied by Asian 59, a Chinese and Japanese restaurant which got quite a few 311 complaints.

Kaur said these were mostly due to sanitary issues, as opposed to being a product of the space itself.


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“We advise our clients that three complaints were due to their hands being in contact with food. One was due to food protection, odor, rodents, insects, garbage, and one was due to sewage – so my clients will be participating in optimum hygiene practices because it will be a fine dining restaurant and she wants to have that reputation.

“As to the garbage issues, my client will be hiring a private waste management company to pick up their garbage. So she’s getting ahead of the problem, she understands that this was an issue for the prior owner. So she’s taking that in mind, and she’s going to hire a private company.”

It wasn’t clear when the restaurant is expected to open, but we’ll provide an update once we learn more. Sign up for our emails below to be notified.


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