Upper East Side Nanny Claims Wealthy Boss Engaged in Incest

An Upper East Side nanny claims she was fired after walking in on her former employer and his sister, all while his wife was away at work.

“Normal day nannying on the Upper East Side,” says Jules Green in a TikTok video that’s racked up over one million views so far. “Walks in on [incest] … Gets fired,” summarized the 23-year-old from Brooklyn.

The event took place over five years ago when Green was just over 18 years old. In a later post she explains she had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which prevented her from discussing what went on within the walls of the wealthy household, but now that it’s expired, she’s revealing the juicy details.


Green doesn’t disclose the name of the family, but says she’d been working for them for nine weeks when the incident took place. “So, on the day in question it was a pretty hectic day in the household. They had like, all the workers there,” said Green. This included the gardener, the maid and the general manager, who were preparing the home for a party the following day.

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“So I’m playing with the kid and he keeps getting into his dirty laundry basket because the housekeeper hasn’t taken it to go wash it yet,” Green continues. In an effort to help the team, Green offers to take the basket to the laundry room after witnessing the housekeeper getting berated on the phone by the mom “because she was late doing some type of clean-up work,” and if she didn’t get it done the housekeeper would be fired, according to Green. “It’s not part of my job but I just wanted to be helpful to her,” says Green.

Here’s where things get suspect. Green explains, “So I take [the son’s dirty laundry basket] down to the laundry room and the door is unlocked… So, I walk in … The [father’s] sister was up on the dryer and he was just munching away.” This was followed by three cat emojis, indicating the husband was performing oral sex on his sister.

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“So, when I walked in, she stops, then he stops and he literally lifts his head up from under her skirt, and we’re all just staring at each other now. I don’t know what to do, they don’t know what to do. So, I just politely put the laundry basket on the washing machine and walk out and I closed the door behind me,” says Green.

Green admits the incestuous incident, which the New York Post was first to spotlight, had her “shaking.” She ran upstairs and locked herself in one of the furthest bathrooms and started crying before texting her mom for advice. Her mom’s suggestion was to call the husband’s wife and tell her what happened.


In Green’s last post, she re-enacts calling the “snooty” wife. After telling her what she saw, the woman responded after a long pause, “And what exactly were you doing in the laundry room? I don’t remember giving you clearance to go down there.”

Green was fired swiftly thereafter and was told to pick up her final payment from the head nanny.

Here’s the cherry on top of this household’s sideways sundae. When Green disclosed what happened to the head nanny, she seemed completely unfazed and responded, “You should probably just go, and remember … your NDA.”

“She knew! Everyone knows!” screams Green towards the end of the clip. “I’m like, ‘Are you deadass? We’re just covering up incest?’”

Green was initially interested in nannying on the Upper East Side because she’s a fan of the TV show Gossip Girl, but she certainly got more than she bargained for with this family’s dirty laundry.
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