NYC’s Worst Landlords Own These Upper East Side Buildings

worst landlord watchlist 2023

Office of the Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams

Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams has released the 2023 edition of the “Worst Landlord Watchlist,” which identifies “which residential property owners consistently flout City laws intended to protect the rights and safety of tenants.”


According to the report – which ranks landlords “based on the average number of open housing code violations issued to their buildings by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)” – the city’s worst landlord is Jonathan Santana for the second year in a row. He owns two buildings on the Upper East Side, both of which made the watchlist with him. Aaron Jungreis, who owns one Upper East Side property on the list, earned position # 34 this year.

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Two of Santana’s buildings include 338 East 61st Street and 1585 Third Avenue.

338 East 61st Street (between First and Second avenues)

338 East 61st Street

(Google Maps)

This is a five-story rental building with 20 apartments. Throughout 2023, it had an average of 144 open HPD violations (up from 78 in 2022). In the past three years, the most common complaints from tenants have been about heat and hot water, plumbing, and door and window issues. The most recent two complaints have been about plumbing, one of which was filed this month and is still open. The last available rental was a furnished two-bedroom listed for $4,000 in September.

1585 Third Avenue (corner of East 89th Street)

1585 Third Avenue UES

(Google Maps)

This four-floor walk-up rental building has an alternate address of 201 East 89th Street. It has 14 apartments and had an average 96 open HPD violations throughout 2023 (down from 151 in 2022). In the past three years, the most common complaints from tenants have been about heat and hot water, plumbing and water leaks. Just this month, there have been ten complaints about heat and hot water, though it should be noted that eight of those were made by the same tenant. Most recently, there was a two-bedroom available in the building for $4,000.


Aaron Jungreis owns seven buildings on the watchlist, one of which is 43 East 67th Street, a new addition this year.

43 East 67th Street (between Park and Madison avenues)

43 east 67th street

(Google Maps)

This four-story, ten-unit building had an average of ten open HPD violations throughout 2023. Built in 1878, the most common 311 complaints in the last three years have been about pests, heat and hot water, and garbage/recycling storage. The most recent tenant complaint on record was filed on October 16 and was about a lack of heat. Currently, there are two one-bedroom apartments available in the building, respectively priced at $3,400 and $4,600 (for a garden apartment). Both are described as “pleasant” and “just renovated.”


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