Barnes & Noble Announces Opening Date for Upper East Side Return

barnes and noble upper east side

A Barnes & Noble was previously located at 150 East 86th Street (Google Maps)

Book it. On Monday morning, Barnes & Noble announced that its new bookstore at 1556 Third Avenue (corner of 87th Street) is set to have its grand opening on July 12.

This will mark the return of B & N to the neighborhood after the closure of its previous store at 150 East 86th Street during the summer of 2020.


“It is very good news to bring our bookstore back to the Upper East Side. It was very sad to close in the depths of the pandemic and [it’s] especially pleasing now to reopen with one that is so dramatically more attractive. We take over a beautiful building with an old-style character with which it is a pleasure to work in creating the new bookstore,” said James Daunt, CEO of Barnes & Noble back in November when they first announced they were returning to the neighborhood.

In March, NPR highlighted Barnes & Noble’s remarkable turnaround as the company now plans to open 30 new stores this year. In several cases, B & N is returning to areas it had previously abandoned, and even taking over a few former Amazon bookshop locations.

Turns out B & N’s biggest strategy change came from taking a page used by independent bookshops. Now, the company is empowering their local Barnes & Noble shops to order books based on the preferences of their local readers.

It’s “a huge shift, frankly, in philosophy for us as a bookseller,” DeVito says. “It’s not an algorithm. It’s not something that’s dynamically pulled from a code. It’s very much a — I read this, I loved it, I know this area really gravitates towards beekeeping books, so I’m going to create the best beekeeping display I can because this is my local store.”

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