Sotheby’s Opens Retail “Emporium”

  Last modified on June 16th, 2021
Sotheby's Emporium

Sotheby’s flagship located at 1334 York Avenue. Photo by Jim.henderson, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

The Sotheby’s flagship located at 1334 York Avenue at 72nd Street has expanded to open a brick-and-mortar retail shop called The Emporium. “The Emporium is a new retail destination dedicated to showcasing the finest assortment of art, design and luxury items, all available for immediate purchase,” an announcement from Sotheby’s states.

The new shop “is an extension of the company’s growing online marketplace,” offering access to items including jewelry, art, rare sneakers, handbags, furniture and more.

Sotheby's retail 1334 York Ave

Photo c/o Sotheby’s

Some highlighted items include a pair of earrings for $42,500, a “Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring” for $62,500, and a gold, platinum and diamond necklace for a cool $95,000 (though an announcement from Sotheby’s states the shop will be “Featuring a variety of price points”).

If you “sort by price” (starting with least expensive), the first item in the list, as of writing, is a $250 “Japanese Gourd Dish with Lid,” followed by a “Boston Terrier Doorstop” for $430.

The most expensive listed item is currently a Richard Mille watch for $155,000.

Some other interesting items include:

  • A pair of size 14 Converse sneakers worn by Dennis Rodman “during the 1997-1998 NBA season and postseason with the Chicago Bulls.” $25,000.
  • A sterling silver Vinaigrette in the form of a fish from 1880. $1,295.
  • A “Cop and Robber Chewing Gum Vending Machine.” $2,500.

A few peeks inside:

sotheby's emporium upper east side

Photo c/o Sotheby’s

sotheby's UES store

Photo c/o Sotheby’s

Photo c/o Sotheby’s

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