Bracelet Shop with Positive Purpose Plans UES Opening

Little Words Project, a bracelet shop whose mission is to spread kindness and positivity through wearable affirmations, is opening a location on Madison Avenue at the corner of 80th Street on October 7. This will be the neighborhood’s first location, the city’s second (there’s one downtown at 374 Bleecker Street), and the country’s ninth.


When Adriana Carig was in school, she endured years of bullying. Instead of letting it turn her angry and bitter, she decided to transform her pain into positivity. When she entered college, Adriana started making bracelets with positive affirmations written on them for herself and her sorority sisters. Thus was born Little Words Project. According to Adriana’s message on the Little Words Project website, “The wearable affirmations reminded us of our worth and got us through the tough times together.”

Little Words Project bracelets feature beaded patterns in various colors and styles. In the middle, black and white cube-shaped beads spell out positive and inspiring messages. Some of the trending bracelets include “Do U Boo” surrounded by black and white beads and a ghost charm in honor of Halloween; “Good Energy” surrounded by blue, white, and gold beads and third eye charms; “Fearless” surrounded by purple, white, and gold beads; and “See The Good” surrounded by multicolored beads.

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What makes Little Words Project beads even more special is that each bracelet comes with an ID tag so that the bracelet can be passed on to someone who might need the message more. The ID tag allows previous wearers of the bracelet to track it.

Individual pre-made bracelets range from $25 to $30, and custom-made bracelets cost between $35 and $45. Little Words Project also sells keychains for $35, lanyards for $50, necklaces for $58, and anklets for $30. Customers can build a bundle of jewelry and get 15% off their total. On select bracelets, 25% of the net proceeds are donated to nonprofits including St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, National Alliance for Eating Disorders, Project Healthy Minds, the American Heart Association, and Campus Pride.


Little Words Project allows customers to book 30- to 60-minute appointments at their stores to bead and customize their own bracelets. About two to three bracelets can be made in a 30-minute session, and four to six in a 60-minute session.

Outside of New York City, Little Words Project has stores in Long Branch, New Jersey; Washington, DC; Boston, Massachusetts; San Francisco, California; Miami and Tampa, Florida; and Columbus, Ohio. Bracelets can be shipped nationwide, and shipping is free on orders over $75.


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