Madison Avenue Welcomes Two New Fashion Retailers

740 Madison Avenue c/o Flickr user Eden, Janine and Jim

Maurice and Sonia Mosseri, founders of the denim brand Still Here, have opened their second NYC store on Madison Avenue—securing the lease within two hours of the space hitting the market in October.


Located at 905 Madison Ave at the corner of 73rd street, the 1,200 square foot ground floor shop was home to Bra Smyth since 1988. Driven by the success of its “Cool Jean” style, with a once 15,000-person waitlist and a hat spotted on Taylor Swift, the founders recently shifted to direct-to-consumer sales with popular denim ranging from $235-$425.

The newly opened store incorporates vintage details, including white tile, that pay homage to Pilgrim House Coffee, which occupied the space from 1966 to 1986. Sonia Mosseri tells Glossy, “Everything in this space that wasn’t made for the space is sourced vintage.”

Also new to Madison Avenue is Vuori Clothing, the well-known performance apparel brand with a loyal following, which opened a new 3,200-square-foot location at 1153 Madison Avenue, at the corner of East 85th Street. Recognized for its high-quality activewear and blending performance with style, Vuori Clothing’s latest store is ready to cater to fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious shoppers.


Founded in Carlsbad, California in 2015, Vuori experienced a substantial surge in 2020, nearly tripling its revenue due to increased demand for athleisure during the pandemic. Under the leadership of CEO Joe Kudla, Vuori continued its success in 2021, securing a substantial $400 million in funding from SoftBank, resulting in a valuation of $4 billion and sparking speculation of an upcoming IPO. With a global presence of 40 stores, Vuori has ambitious plans to strengthen its retail presence, aiming to open 100 stores by 2026, including an expansion into international markets such as China, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Vuori and Still Here are in good company on Madison Avenue, a once-residential street that evolved into a global fashion destination in the early 1950s. Today, it is recognized as a prestigious hub for luxury retailers and flagship stores like Ralph Lauren and Vince, embodying the city’s dynamic role in the fashion industry.


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