Women’s Clothing Store, Shari Tata, Announces Grand Opening

Shari Rivkind and her daughter Morgan Weil have announced the July 20 grand opening of their store, Shari Tata, at 976 Lexington Avenue (between 71st and 72nd streets).

The mother-daughter duo have both transitioned from being full-time lawyers to having two full-time jobs! Shari Rivkind — “Tata” to her friends — always wanted to be a fashion designer, so after 35 years in law, she decided to go to Parsons School of Design to get certified in fashion design.

For four years, Rivkin and Weil have showcased Shari Tata’s designs at markets including Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side, Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn, and Main Street Pops in Hoboken, steadily building a community of customers.


As the family business grew more successful, Morgan pushed hard for a store in her favorite neighborhood, the Upper East Side.

“Clothing for women who love to be noticed” is their motto.

A lover of the arts, travel, history, and culture, Tata makes each collection an exploration.

These collections have ranged from “Queen Vicky,” a modern twist on Victorian fashion, to “Mad About Wine,” which explored fine wine and 1960s influenced styles.

“Marie,” a collection celebrating the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette, featured local bakeries in New York and New Jersey. “Farm Fresh” featured local farmer’s markets and “In a New York Minute” featured Manhattan’s best known landmarks.

Shari Tata’s clothing is actually designed and patterned by Shari, then produced by her and her team. Daughter Morgan has taken over the day-to-day operations of the business. She’s also the “face of the brand” and is featured in many of its promotional materials.

classic sailor dress

Classic Sailor Dress

Shari Tata opens the store with its “Aux Bateaux” collection, sharing Tata’s love for everything boat-related. And this fall, Shari and Morgan will treat us with “I Scream,” their take on Neapolitan ice cream and classic horror films.
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