Sushi by M Opening at Former Ateaz Space

The vacant space at 1575 Second Avenue (between 81st and 82nd streets) has finally been leased. An Instagram post by @TradedNY announced that the space will be taken over by omakase restaurant Sushi by M.


According to its website, Sushi by M is a “take on the classic omakase experience with a focus on an intimate, simplistic experience giving each customer and piece the time and attention deserved.” Chef Tim Lin operates two locations in the East Village.

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Sushi by M offers omakase seatings of one hour each and both of the current locations have a maximum of 17 sushi bar seats per session. The menu changes with availability and guests can choose a $69 or $100 chef’s choice. With several omakase restaurants in the city offering menus at upwards of $400, and one at a whopping $1,000, Sushi by M’s menu is relatively affordable. In fact, it’s been featured in several ‘best-of’ lists for affordable omakase.

Chef Lin is known for his playful take on sushi. In a late 2020 interview with Business Insider, he said that he trained under a sushi master in Japan but still likes to “find (his) own style.” His best-known item, the “Big Mac,” includes wagyu beef and goes for $25 per piece. While the menu does change, familiar fish such as Hamachi, yellowtail, and uni are often included.


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Sushi by M is part of a proliferation of sushi restaurants in the neighborhood, with at least four opening in the last year-and-a-half (though they do offer different price ranges). Sushi W, which offers a fifteen-piece dinner for $68, opened last June at 1513 Lexington Ave, while Akimori, an upscale kosher restaurant which opened in January at 858 Lexington Ave, starts at $95 for a ten-course menu. There’s also Ikyu (1718 Second Avenue) and Tokugawa (1022 Madison Ave.), both of which opened last year.

The space at 1575 Second Avenue was previously occupied by Ateaz, a tea and coffee café, which closed in 2022. The block is seeing a resurgence of business with the recent reopening of BurgerFi in December. You can follow Sushi by M on Instagram for more info and updates.


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