Shari Tata Closing After Two-Year Run

shari tata closing

c/o Shari Tata

Earlier this month, Shari Tata announced it would be closing its Upper East Side store which opened about two years ago.

Shari Rivkind and her daughter Morgan Weil–both attorneys by trade (and both still active)–opened the shop at 976 Lexington Avenue (between 71st and 72nd streets) in July 2022, after showcasing their items at markets throughout the city for about four years.


“Clothing for women who love to be noticed” is the company’s tagline, and the shop’s collections have ranged from “Queen Vicky,” a modern twist on Victorian fashion, to “Mad About Wine,” which explored fine wine and 1960s-influenced styles.

The business will soon return to its online-only origins, though Rivkind tells us they’ll be “popping up all over.” When we asked about a closing date, Rivkind told us they’re “going to see how it goes. Probably a month or two.”

In a July 1 email, the store also announced a 20% discount on all items in-store.

“We are sad to go because we really love our upper East side neighborhood, especially our block!” Rivkind said in a message to East Side Feed. “We opened our store to complement our online business and we found that it was terribly difficult to get qualified help who could give our customers the level service we wanted and that women really are shopping online! Rather than adding to our business we found that having to man the store. day-to-day ended up taking away from it, making it difficult to attend to all other aspects of the business!”


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