Amazon Go Planning Upper East Side Store

amazon go upper east side

No cash? No credit cards? No problem. Amazon Go is bringing its “Just Walk Out” technology to 1302 First Avenue between East 70th and 71st streets. All you’ll need to do is scan in using a QR code through the Amazon Go app on your phone (iOS and Android) when you walk in. Just grab what you want and go.


Sound crazy? Here’s how it works. Once you scan in using the Amazon Go app on your phone, Amazon uses what they call computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion to detect anything you pick up in the store. Once you’ve made a selection, Amazon adds the item to your “virtual cart.” If you decide to put something back, Amazon takes it out of your virtual cart automatically. The technology is similar to what you’d find in self-driving cars, according to Amazon. When you’re done shopping, just leave the store and the store’s Amazon Go technology adds up your virtual cart and bills you through your Amazon account. Your receipt is sent through the app as well. The concept creates what they call a “contactless convenience” shopping experience with no bottlenecks to deal with at checkout.

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Amazon launched its first Amazon Go store at its own Day 1 building, also known as Amazon Tower II, in Seattle in 2016. As of writing, there are 27 Amazon Go stores in the U.S. (7 in Seattle, 7 in Chicago, 5 in San Francisco, 8 in NYC). The United Kingdom has 15.

Last year, a Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go also opened at 111 East 59th Street.

Items you can expect to find vary by location. “We sampled thousands of products to find the tastiest, highest quality, best value products around,” states the Amazon Go website. “Our fresh-prepared menu combines delicious dishes created by our in-house executive chef with a curated selection of meals and treats from our favorite local kitchens and bakeries.”

Amazon declined to comment when we contacted them for details.

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