Two More Legal Weed Shops Opening on UES

new legal weed stores upper east side

Two more legal cannabis stores are expected to open soon on the Upper East Side (Google Maps).

Following the recent openings of The Herbal Care (THC) and Lennox Hill Cannabis Co., two more cannabis retail applicants are expected to be setting up shop soon on the Upper East Side.


Deanna Brooks is planning on opening a retail store called Rolling J’s at 1707 Second Avenue (between 88th and 89th streets). The 1,200 square foot space has been occupied by UES., a speakeasy and ice cream shop, since 2017.

Brooks is planning on doing minimal renovations before opening the weed shop, which she can do once her licensing approvals are complete, according to her legal rep. Brooks is considered a ‘justice-involved applicant’ as her son was criminally charged on marijuana-related offenses. She’s currently a small business owner in Buffalo. Her legal rep did not clarify what kind of business she owns.

While the legal representative for Brooks says they’ll be taking over the entire space and that UES. will no longer be there, UES. has provided us with the following response:

“This potential tenant has NOT been approved by the full board, only the committee meeting. The full board meeting is set for Wednesday the 21st. The landlord has expressed that he wants to put in a dispensary at my location. I still have 3 years left on my lease and as of this moment I have not agreed to early termination of that lease.”

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Anthony Melchior is planning on opening an adult-use dispensary at 1190 Lexington Avenue (on the corner of 81st Street). The currently vacant space is approximately 800 square feet, and while the name of the shop has not been disclosed, the business’ legal name is Green Health LLC.

Melchior’s legal rep says that “at a very young age, he was subjected to an arrest and conviction for qualifying marijuana offenses” and that this “had a detrimental impact on Mr. Melchior’s life” even though it happened over forty years ago. Melchior’s background includes owning a production company.

“Essentially Mr. Melchior and Green Health are seeking to establish a luxury brand of safe cannabis product in a high-end setting that meets community standards.”

We’ll provide more updates as we learn more.


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